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Hello all,

I'd be interested in your thoughts on earthing (grounding) for someone who doesn't get in contact with the earth.

After my frequent migraines, and after any other strong nervous stimulation, I suffer the aftereffect of a tingling pain in my chest, and recently my abdomen too, very much like the sensation of an electric shock. It has for many years responded to Homoeopathy, but recently the Homoeopathic medicines don't seem to be working, and it's also getting worse and persisting for days, aggravated by any stress or noise etc. I'm studying Reiki, and although I can feel the soothing Reiki effect it doesn't really reduce the pain significantly, and certainly makes no permanent difference.

Rainbow Obsidian, Rhodochrosite, Optical Calcite and to some extent Schorl all ease it somewhat, so I lay all the pieces of those stones that I have out on my chest (Optical Calcite and Rhodochrosite are the best), but mainly they ease the pain when I'm moving them, and there's a large area of pain and only a few small stones

I spend hours meditating, trying to send what I presume to be the excess energy from my chest and abdomen down to earth, visualising it going down my spine and out and into the earth, with no effect whatsoever.

During my electronics training in my teens I was taught about the importance and actuality of earthing, returning the flow of electricity to true earth (or 'grounding', as it was called in American books and schematics, though I prefer the term 'earthing' as, apart from growing up with it, I like the implicit presence of 'Mother Earth'/bountiful Earth etc in 'earthing', as opposed to 'the cold, hard ground/knocked to the ground' and many other negative associations within the word 'grounding').

Anyhoo, I've been working on my own earthing with Rebecca's help for a little while now, visualising a flood of energy or a stream of white light and, latterly, a tree trunk with its roots reaching deeper and deeper into the ground, and also latterly trying with difficulty to visualise the Earth Star chakra, as apparently this is blocked (I have great difficulty 'feeling' a chakra outside myself the way I can easily feel the main seven bodily chakras).

I've been doing this for weeks now, pretty steadily as I'm bedridden, but I don't seem to be making progress. I was wondering if the physical disconnection between me and the earth, by virtue of being in bed and off my feet might be part of the obstacle.

As Orgonite devices and other bio-energetic things, both active and passive (i.e. electricity-driven and non-powered) can be and sometimes are physically earthed, which improves their ability to cleanse and regenerate their energies and improves their function (especially the passive ones, afaik), that this might work for me too.

I could connect the unused handgrips from my old Hulda Clark zapper to some copper wire and earth it either to the screw on the back of my stereo amp which earths the turntable to dampen hum, or straight into the earth socket of a powerpoint, which would connect me to the copper-sheathed shaft which should have been knocked a metre deep into the earth here, and lay them on the bed to rest my bare feet on.

What say you?

p.s. The waterbed isn't plugged in; no need in this warm climate. I have a great many filters on my electronic devices to protect me from EMR.

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Hi Lachlan,
How about bringing the earth to you. Do you have a special place (garden,vacation spot,previous home, etc) that you can obtain some soil from? Place it in a container that you can always have with you. I love the feel & smell of the moist earth, perhaps it would help soothe & balance all the electrical stimulation going on with you. Inhale its fragrance if you can.
For some reason a crystal "mobile" popped into my head. Is there some way to make one with the crystals that you feel are helpful to you & hanging it over you, so that it can move & bounce as needed. That way you do not have to worry about placing the stones on you.
Your electrical system runs differently than most peoples, so I am a little leery about how well the copper will work for you.
The Earth Star Chakra does not feel like the other "body bound" chakras, at least to me. It hums & vibrates at a deeper, denser, slower frequency to me. Perhaps that is why you do not 'feel' it as easily as the others. Drumming always brings in the heartbeat of the Mother Earth. Even just tapping your fingers on a table in a rhythmic heart beat can help connect you.
I do feel it is important for you to physically touch, hold,& smell the earth. So I hope that someone will obtain the soil for you. Perhaps some type of terrarium in your room would be helpful
Sending you lots of love hope & healing light
Hi Lachlan,

We have to take a bigger picture look at our lives... we each have our story that has run for our life time, sometimes longer that we choose to believe, it is repeated over days and years etc so it becomes like a well trodden path whose groove is deep. You are trying something new and you have to override the groove of the past. It can take some time, you have invested a lot of energy into your life and in 3 weeks you have made leaps and bounds despite your not connecting physically with the earth. Time for pats on the back ; )

Have you looked at the energy stored in your body that you are releasing? As it comes up and is being freed it comes to light or consciousness for you to reconnect with that stream so it is free for you to use. Grounding is as important as ascension, but with the many things that you have as part of your story being stored in your auric field they have become super charged. If grounding is not working then looking at what is there will help move it on. What story comes up, what emotion or thought comes up - those are the energies that are blocking the flow to the earth star.

Personally, I dont believe it is necessary for you to touch ground. Energetically, you are the ground, all that is the earth is in you. You are made of the same minerals, you eat of its fruit and vegetables and animals who eat of those too - you are never separate from it. I would not so much focus on your 'blocked or not blocked' but see what is in your body that is not allowing you to feel your deep, earthly connection.

I can imagine my feet sinking into the earth and slowly allowing my whole body to go down deep within it and as I descend I leave behind my earthly body and stories to explore the inner earth where the earths crystalline grid, caves of crystals and worlds I hadnt imagined are... I like to go expolring in the earth more so than zipping off to starry places. The earth to me is warm and safe and comforting. It is full of life and light that pulses and revitalises every cell in my being... Its not a fast paced, mind experience, its a slow moving, stable and rhythmic frequency... can you get a sense of that? It is a feeling place rather than a thinking one... try go there with the rainbow obsidian it is a great earth star crystal : )

Its like going diving or snorkelling for me. I dont like the water, but once I go snorkelling and I see the beauty that is in the water I forget that I dont like the water and I am immersed in a world I never knew could be sooo beautiful. Its so peaceful, yet vibrant and filled with life. That feeling releasing of my story, the energetic opening in me, to experience the what is already there, but that I was too scared for whatever reason to allow myself to go there. That flow is the joy of living, its falling in love with life and it is what we are all seeking in every moment.

You are doing all the right things, you are making progress, you are on track and you are opening to the magic that is already in your life, the trick is to not think too much and be curious, play and feel more... I am sure you can find a creative way to open new doors in your room. Try to hear what the walls sound like, try to feel what the painting is expressing, try to see the energy surrounding the light, try to perceive the way the lights merge with the air and see the energy field you are supported by... One of the blessings of being bed ridden, is noone is asking anything of you. You are free to work within the holographic field to play with the energy and to question everything around you, for it is really all made of the same energy - can you turn it all into sound or frequency consciously. Play where you are... then you wont need to ground, cause you already have!!
Hi Lachlan, can you take some stones that are good for grounding or represent the earth connection and put them at your feet in bed? If you have them there it may well help you to be reminded to "ground" more often and feel their connection. They need not be large,even small stones carry the energy of the whole. You don't need huge stones or even lots of them. Some of the most energetic ones I have are only small,and will be more comfortable to work with in bed if you don't have whoppers to juggle.
Have you tried any carnelian,and smokey quartz? these are wonderful for me for nerve pain (I am sure know where near your level, but very helpful to me) and smokey is wonderful for absorbing pain and grounding at the same time. I could not stay on my feet at work if it were not for carnelian, it is my closest companion and best friend. I could send you a couple if you think you would like to try them?
Hello all, and my apologies for not replying and thanking you for your input and ideas earlier.

As Rebecca said, I have come a long way in three weeks, which is now at least five. I'm no longer suffering from significant nerve pain, and so many changes have happened since I started working with the crystals and also Reiki, which I am studying by correspondence, that I have to 'meet the new me' to a greater or lesser extent almost daily, and sometimes more than once a day.

The state of my bed, with a double-thickness duvet, a feather mattress with a very loose, crystal-eating cover on top of the waterbed mattress, a body pillow (like a long sausage running from head to foot of the bed), a large computer monitor cutting across half the bed width, one or more guitars or other musical instruments, up to two large Rhodesian Ridgeback hounds who wriggle in their sleep and wrestle on my bed when awake, and my tendency to sit in weird positions due to double-jointed hips combined with chronic hip pain … I could go on … pretty much rules out any stones at the feet, unless in this tropical climate I could stand wearing socks and put the stones in the socks. I tend to have a collection of good earthing stones in a little bag at the base of my spine.

The idea of exploring inside the earth had never occurred to me, and I shall definitely head downwards the next time I'm travelling; it sounds wonderful, like being inside the womb and able to explore at the same time.

There's barely room to stand let alone room for a terrarium, though a flowerpot of earth might fit under my bed, but my intuition tells me it's the actual planet that I need to be in contact with, and actually after last night's Reiki Attunement, my lower chakras feel so open I'm amazed my guts haven't dropped out, I feel so loose around the groin area, where I must have been holding a lot of stuff unknowingly.

As my bedroom is my living-room, quite literally (although I'm much stronger and more able to get up and stay up for longer and longer periods now, without feeling ill or fatigued :-), all my crystals are within easy arm's reach, and it only dawned on me about a week ago that just because I wasn't wearing them, that didn't mean that I wasn't using them.

I have a Carnelian sphere and a Carnelian flat stone, and one or the other has formed a part of the collection of earthing stones which I keep at the base of my spine. I have yet to explore its full possibilities but I certainly can feel it at work when I recharge it and bring it near my lower body; it's a very good friend to me already.

A crystal mobile is indeed an intriguing prospect, but in this rental accommodation I can't hang anything from the ceiling. When we finally move to our new house that will of course change.

As a drummer (as in rock drummer, used to play in bands after I found I preferred it to playing lead guitar) I'm very rhythmically sensitive and inclined, so Alice, now that you've given me an idea of what to 'feel' for, I may well be able to tune into the Earth Star chakra. I will start fishing around for it and see if I can connect. Now that I concentrate on it, I think I can already feel it as I write; I just never noticed it. Although I am sensitive, I'm not yet highly sensitive, and I can only just astral travel and only just see auras, and both those skills, amongst others I've recently learnt such as feeling my own chakras via my hands, are new and undeveloped. There is so much to learn, and each learning experience is so gratifying as I feel I'm coming out of a prison cell and not just back to the life I had but to a better, higher one, one which I barely believed in and certainly had no interest in before all of this, homoeopathic training notwithstanding.

So thanks again for all your wonderful input. This area is so new to me that I want to dive into a sea of different ideas and ways of doing things, each of which expands my conceptual horizon. I'm humbled by all your generosity.

Love to all, Lachlan
Hooray Lachlan,
I am so happy you are feeling better,
May every day see even more improvement & lots more healing & living avenues to explore.
lots of love & ease

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